Our Founder

Trina Westerlund is the founder of Children's Institute for Learning Differences.  Her 50+ year career of immersion in special education included serving as an Intervention Specialist at the Seattle Crisis Clinic; Head Teacher at Ryther Child Center in Seattle, WA; Teacher/Therapist at League School for Seriously Disturbed Children in Brooklyn, NY and Special Education teacher in three New York City specialty schools:  The Reece School, Manhattan School for Autistic Children, and Floyd Patterson House School.  She was In-service Trainer at Instituto Para Ninos Excepcionales and Head of Assessment Services at Colegio Leon Pinelo, both in Lima, Peru.  As a private advocate, therapeutic tutor and referral specialist, Trina joined the local and State Board of Directors of Learning Disability Association (LDA) of Washington then served five years on the National Board of Directors for LDA.

A popular trainer, Trina specialized in empowering parents of special needs children and in generating sensitive accommodations and strategies among education interns, Special Education Teachers and paraprofessionals.  Trina continued as the mentoring coach at CHILD as the agency's Chief Inspiration Officer until she retired in June 2018.